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Dear friends,

A recent study examining child sacrifice and mutilations in Uganda—the first ever—indicates that every week a child is either mutilated or sacrificed for ritualistic purposes (  Startling findings and personal accounts of tragic stories are well documented in this report and yet, as usual, it hardly made the news.  For so many of us who are removed from the tragedy, it’s just another report and another week at the office.   We may plan to “get to it” at some point, but life and time runs away from us even when we are well intentioned.  Many of us wonder what can be done and have engaged in various campaigns to bring light to the issue.  This year, I feel more than ever, that our government can do so much more to support efforts geared towards ending child sacrifice and other crimes related to this practice in the country.  To that end, I have initiated a petition (you can sign it here: the government to draft and enact legislation specifically addressing the practice of and crimes related to child sacrifice.

The Witchcraft Act of 1957 (, the only law that currently addresses activities related to witchcraft, is insufficient and does not clearly articulate crimes related to the practice of child sacrifice.  Sadly, not many citizens or law enforcement officers are aware of its existence and hardly is it ever enforced.  Between 2006 to date, law enforcement officers and prosecutors have not been able to, where substantive evidence exists, successfully and consistently prosecute and hold accountable individuals who have been found guilty of these crimes.  I believe that a law that is much more clearer than the Witchcraft Act of 1957, would serve the public better and would go a long way in establishing grounds for prosecution—thus supporting the decision-making process of law enforcement and other stakeholders. 

George Mukisa whose story appears in multiple news media publications ( has almost become the face of child survivors of sacrifice and mutilation crimes against children in Uganda.  My hope is that, through this campaign and petition, we can call for something like a " George Mukisa Law/Bill" that clearly articulates the practice and crimes related to child sacrifice without really muddling into witchcraft and traditional beliefs. 

Obviously, I am open to more ideas on this and by the time we have a million signatures to deliver to the State House and Speaker of Parliament, hopefully we would have gained momentum and more knowledge about what it is the

government needs to do to support our civic duties to our nation.  Before the next child gets mutilated or sacrificed, or buried under someone’s house/foundation, lets add our voice, signature, and anything else we are able to do to prevent it.  We, as a nation, have collectively stalled on this issue long enough.  We must now sustainably engage our government in dialog designed to move things along with tangible outcomes. 

Every Ugandan has a responsibility to do something about this before it gets out of hand—even if all we can do is add our signature to a paper, or tell someone (our family, friends of Uganda, our community and religious or cultural leaders, our politicians etc.) to do what we just did.  Your one signature will move us towards our goal of a million!

Thank you for joining the campaign, for spreading the word, for your partnership and for just being one more Ugandan willing to make a difference.  We will get all our signatures to H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and the legislative body (the house of parliament) once we reach our target.  With one voice of a million, we hope that we will be heard.

Folks, we can do this,
Warmly and with gratitude,

NOTE: If there are folks who are unable to do this on line, email me at so I can send you signature template forms and the petition itself.  Please distribute these and help me scan and send back when you reach 100 or more signatures.  Please make sure we are not getting double signatures for those who have already signed the petition online.

Sign the Petition:  

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